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Accustic Arts  2016-02-21 

We have recently added Accustic Arts in our product line.

Accustic Arts represent a well received high end company based in Germany.

Accustic Arts range of products ranging from CD  transport, stereo pre-amp, stereo and mono bloc power amp are world class products, winning the heart of many reviewer and end user.

Please browse thier wed at www.accusticarts.de for more information.

Newly launched SONY  2015-09-25 

For true 4k projector seeker, Sony has just recently anounce VW320ES & VW520ES.

The later support playback of HDR ( High Dynamic Range) Image which has shown to further enhance the current standard dynamic range content.

Current non HDR sources can be "UP-CONVERTED" to the HDR format with stunning result. Area of improvement in picture depth are most distintive !

Soon to reach our showroom before end of this year.

LessLoss FireWall Module installation  2015-08-31 

A customer crafted the LessLoss Firewall Module with a SINE ultimate duplex outlet with atonishing results.

LessLoss FireWall Module Installation  2015-08-16 

Rencently install a FURUTECH top of the line wall outlet (GTX) with wall plate & carbon Fiber duplex outlet cover for our AV enthusiate, Mr LEE.

Two LessLoss FireWall Module installed in series prior to the incoming AC outlet.

Immediate perception of improve details, clarity & bass defination.

repeating buyer of Furutech Nano cable  2015-07-29 

KENT is a happy diyier and a stronge supporter of FURUTECH products.

recently he has adopt Furutech Nano series power cord with a rewarding result...Smile

note: FURUTECH Nano OFC power cord is one of the latest roll out power cord for real world performance for your hifi systems.

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